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Games & puzzles
to play IRL

Put down the phone and pick up the cards! These tech-themed games and puzzles require no connection or devices to play!

Spring Clean Your Tech!

The Bytes && Pieces Blog offers practical guidance to digitally and physically organize and clean up your electronic life.

Gift Finder

software inspired gifts for programmers, software developers, and computer engineers



Digital Nomad

Too much screen time?

Recharge and reset with a digital detox!

Even a short break from electronic devices can be beneficial, and we've got tools to help you get through it.

Free Shipping for Orders $55+!

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On-The-Go Clean Kit

Bytes && Pieces designed this tiny 12-piece kit to meet your tech cleaning needs while you're out and about. Only $11.95!

Bytes && Pieces Blog

Ctrl + Alt + Detox: The Techie’s Guide to a Digital Detox

This digital detox guide is customized specifically for techies and tech professionals.

Computer Hardware History

From the first calculating device to modern-day PCs, explore the revolutionary milestones that shaped our world.

Basic Electronic Components: A Beginner's Guide

Learn how resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits work.

Our technology-inspired accessories, jewelry, games, decor, and gear make great gifts for software developers, computer engineers, programmers, and tech geeks!